Work Visas

Skilled and Work Visas

There are many types of skilled jobs that are in demand in Australia. These jobs, which include tradespeople, teachers, medical and health professionals, IT/computer experts, managers and other professionals, will continue to grow to keep up with Australia's economic growth. There are temporary visas and permanent visas available. Some require sponsorship by employers, and some do not. Some require sponsorship by a relative in Australia, and others require Government sponsorship. Some are aimed at recent graduates.

Work (Employment) Visas

Work (Employment) visas are for businesses who wish to bring in skilled staff from overseas for either temporary or permanent entry to Australia.

Temporary Sponsorship by Australian or Overseas Businesses (subclasses 456 & 457) Australian or overseas businesses are sometimes unable to meet their skill needs from the Australian labour market. They can sponsor workers from overseas on a temporary basis for up to 4 years to fill skilled positions in Australia. Under this program, positions must be full-time, meet minimum skill, English language skill and salary levels.

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) (subclass 121 & 856) This scheme allows Australian employers to recruit highly skilled workers from overseas and nominate them for a permanent visa where the employer has been unable to meet their skill needs from within the Australian labour market.

Employer sponsorship involves a number of steps, and we will work with you and your employer/sponsor through every stage. We look after the company sponsorship, your employment nomination and handle all your visa documents. We take the hard and confusing work out of the process, and we have the skills and experience to make it all go smoothly.

Skilled Visas

Australia's General Skilled Migration (GSM) program is designed to attract young, highly skilled working people, with high levels of skills in particular occupations that are required in Australia, and who have good English language ability. These occupations are listed on the Australia's Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

Skilled - Independent (subclass 175) visas are for skilled workers without an Australian sponsor. Applicants must be outside Australia for their visa to be granted.

If you are interested in Australian visas, contact for information and advice on which visa is best suited to you. We offer free initial consultation.