Other Visas

Family Visas

Visas available under the Family Visa banner include Parent Visas, Aged Parent Visas, Contributory Parent Visas, Contributory Aged Parent Visas, temporary Sponsored Family Visitor Visas and Aged Dependent Relative Visas for relatives. Qualifying for parent migration to Australia depends on your age, your health and the number of children you have living in Australia. Older parents who are currently visiting family in Australia may be eligible to remain here.

There are Child Visas available for natural and adopted children, and dependent child visas for offspring who are dependent on you financially and in full-time study.

And there are Remaining Relative Visas available for those relatives left behind, because their only remaining relatives are Australian Permanent Residents.

Student Visas

There are a range of Student Visas available for those studying in Australia. Qualifying for student migration to Australia depends on your enrollment in an Australian course, the study youve undertaken and financial support. If you are currently studying in Australia and would like to be employed in Australia after finishing your studies you may be eligible for skilled or sponsored migration.

Business Owner Visas

Australia welcomes experienced business owners or executives who have a viable business idea for the Australian market, or wish to buy an existing business or franchise. Qualifying for business migration to Australia depends on your age, your experience as a business owner or a senior executive, your assets and the annual turnover of your current business. Australia also allows business people to enter Australia for a short period to attend conferences and undertake activities to establish contacts and gain insights into Australia business.

Investor Visas

Australia has a wonderful environment for older people. Australian cities, regional centres and quiet rural towns have extensive opportunities for involvement in the community. You can be as active or as quiet as you want. Australia is also spacious enough to find a quiet place by the sea to enjoy your retirement years. Qualifying for retirement migration to Australia depends on your age, your assets (and those of your spouse, if applicable), access to an income stream and your health.

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