Why should I use a Migration Agent as opposed to submitting an application for an Australian visa for migration to Australia myself?

As there are currently over 150 different Australian visa sub classes, a Migration Agent will ensure that your application is submitted under the category for Australian migration which will offer you the best opportunity of a successful outcome, once your eligibility has been assessed for immigration to Australia.

It is wise to remember that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship application fees for Australian migration, which can often amount to several thousand Australian dollars, are non refundable if your application for immigration to Australia is unsuccessful.

Why should I choose an Australian Migration Agent in Australia in preference to an agent based in my country of residence?

All practising agents in Australia have to be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)

Registration can only be gained if the Agent has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of Australian Immigration Law and Australian visa regulations, and continues to participate in the professional development program of seminars and meetings, and is of good character. The Agent also has to abide by the strict code of conduct set down by the Migration Registration Authority (MARA).

You can also be assured that a registered migration agent will automatically receive all the latest information and changes to the Australian Migration law and Australian visa regulations as advised by the Department of Immigration.

Does it increase my chances of a successful Australian visa application if I have close relative/s living in Australia?

If you are applying for a skilled Australian visa, you are required to pass the 'Points Test', therefore a close relative living in Australia who is prepared to sponsor you for Australian immigration, can bring you extra points.

How much are your fees for handling my Australian visa application?

It is not possible to generalise due to the wide variation in circumstances and the large number of Australian visa types available, resulting in differing amounts of work involved. However, if you go to our free assessment page and complete the questionnaire the assessment we will provide you with will include estimates of all costs involved with migration to Australia including our fees, Government fees, and skills assessment fees (where applicable).

What does it cost to use an Agent?

Click here to Migration Agents Registrations Authority's information on Agent Fees.